For G3 derivatives, see MP5, MP5K and PSG1

The Gewehr 3 or G3 is an assault rifle that appears in Call of Duty: Battlegrounds.

Modern CampaignEdit

The Gewehr 3 is a common weapon in the Modern Campaign. It can be found on most SAS and USMC missions and on some rare uccations, however, Rangers missions. It can be found with multiple attatchments throughout the campaign, the most common being with Select-Fire or Extended Mags. It is one of the most powerful weapons availible in the Modern Campaign, dealing 175 damage max, and dealing 120 minimum. It has the lowest recoil of any weapons in the game. It is the secondary weapon for the level "Vacant", however your primary weapon is the more powerful, M14 Garand. The Gewehr 3 is a good substitute for an empty sidearm/primary weapon. Even though it is an effective weapon, it has a relatively small magazine size.


The Gewehr 3 is unlocked at Level 41. The Gewehr 3 is a semi-auto/ full-auto assault rifle with high damage (55-70 damage), low recoil and high accuracy.

In Hardcore, the G3 is a one-hit kill, even without Stopping Power or FMJ, except if the enemy has Juggernaut. Due to its incredible accuracy, if one was to miss his target, the player would be able to do a follow-up shot, but most players won't likely doe this because it is easy to do bursts with Select-Fire. The M14, however, is prefered more because it is effective against Juggernaut without any attachments. The G3 is good for sniping, thanks to the Scope attachment.

The G3 comes with a variety of attachments. Most recognizable are; Extended Mags, Red Dot Sight, Suppressor, Grenade Launcher and ACOG Scope.


Zombie ModeEdit

The Gewehr 3 is availible from the Mystery Box for 950 points. However, in the zombie map "End" it is availible off the wall for 1800 points. It is best used with Speed Cola due to its long reload and high damge (1 hit headshot until Round 15 un-pack-a-punched.) Double Tap Root Beer is also advised to be used as it has a low rate of fire. The G3 is called the G115 Generator when it is Pack-A-Punched. It gains a 40 round magazine and a Grenade Launcher along with higher damage and reserve ammo.



  • The name G115 Generator is a referance to Element 115.
  • The Gewehr 3 is shown with Extended Mags, probably to differentiate itself from the MP5.
  • The G3, M14 and FAL all have similar damages, attatchments and are all unlocked around the same time.
Gewehr 3
Console codename



120-175 (SP), 55-70(MP)

Damage Multipliers

Head: 2, Chest: 1.5, Limbs: 1

Magazine Size

20 rounds (30 w/ Extended Mags)

Unlocked at


Cost (Nazi Zombies)

950 (Mystery Box), 2000 (Off-Wall)

Maximum Ammunition

360 rounds (SP), 240 rounds (MP)

Reload Time

2.5s loaded, 4.2s unloaded

Rate of Fire

750 RPM (900 RPM w/ Select-Fire)

Range (explanation)

G3Range COD9





Fire Mode

Semi-Automatic (Full-Auto w/ Select Fire)

Used by

USMC, SAS, Spetsnaz, OpFor

Pickup icon

Hud g3